Daudz laimes dzimšanas dienā, Gatineau!

Happy Birthday Gatineau!

Jeanne Gatineau, a physiotherapist and chiropodist, opened her first beauty salon in Paris in 1932, creating a beauty brand with spirit and expertise. Her unique salon skills and know how revolutionized women’s skincare, using only the best doctors, dermatologists and reputed researchers, she developed a brand defined by cutting edge formulas and visible results.

Jeanne continued to share her knowledge and unique focus on treatment rather than temporary fixes, opening her prestigious School Of Beauty in 1950 where thousands of beauticians were trained. A focus on tailoring treatment for women’s individual needs and the belief that every woman, regardless of her age can have a flawless complexion was passed on to future practitioners.

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As Madame Gatineau put it herself “In 1932 I created a brand of excellence for the most discerning of women.”

Formula Breakthroughs

True innovators in the industry, from Feminessence, the world’s first skincare range developed with dermatologists and gynecologists to address hormonal skin changes, to creating the award winning Mélatogénine, a molecule which promotes the youth of cells.

Gatineau  was also the first skincare house to discover and utilize collagen as an anti ageing ingredient and caffeine to encourage cellular detoxification, drainage and radiance enrichment allowing you to experience a feel unique experience.

Gatineau also launched the first retinol cream and the first gel moisturizer, effective products with visible results.

Gatineau Today

Now sold in over 7,000 outlets in nearly 50 countries, Gatineau’s innovative work continues, with research and formulation powered by the founder’s firm belief that for every skin type, every problem and every age there is a solution.

Gatineau are celebrating their 80 years with revitalized packaging, embodying the classic spirit and style of Jeanne Gatineau and brand new products with cutting edge formulas to continue to help women worldwide achieve perfection – definitely something to celebrate!

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